Book a Group Study Room

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School Email Required

To create a booking, you must use your Humber or Guelph-Humber school email account, not a personal email.

A "confirm your booking" email will be sent to your school email after you create a booking. You must click the link in this email within 30 minutes of receiving it for the booking to be final.

The confirmation email you receive is your proof of the booking. Staff may ask to see this email.

Humber students:

  1. Go to to activate your school email account and to confirm your bookings.
  2. Your Humber email address is your
    • For example: or
  3. The confirmation email, from, will be sent to your school email address.

GH students:

  1. Use your GryphMail email account.
  2. The confirmation email, from, will be sent to your school email address.


Group Study Room Policy

Only current Humber and University of Guelph-Humber students can book and use the group study rooms.

All rooms are for group study not individual use. Individual users will be asked to leave. 

The total amount of time a group can book a room is 2 hours per day. No back to back bookings are permitted. For example: a group of 3 people gets the room for 2 hours not 6 hours.

Staff reserve the right to ask to see a group's booking confirmation email. Those without proof will be asked to leave. 

Rooms reserved, but unoccupied, by at least two group members after the initial 15 minutes of a booked time forfeit the room to another group. 

In order to protect equipment and to maintain a sanitary environment, no food is allowed in the study rooms. 

Chairs are not to be removed from their respective study room, to be used in other study rooms.

Filming is not allowed in the study rooms without prior permission. 

Violating the group study room policy rules may result in loss of privilege.

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